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TR-600 Terrazzo tile machine

TR-600 Terrazzo tile machine


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TR-600 terrazzo tile machine is the modern construction machinery designed and manufactured by Turui Machinery. The machine adopts PLC control system and mechanical system, hydraulic system and pneumatic system, with the advantages of high automation and high pressure.
The terrazzo tile produced by this machine has the features of high density, high strength, low permeability and low damage. With various sizes and strips, which has been widely used in city footway, stations, subways, squares, yard floor and roofs.
Terrazzo tile machine made by Turui Machinery has the advantages of compact in size, high automatic, easy to operate and multifunctional, different sizes can be achieved by changing the mould.
Machinery features:
High automatic, easy to operate, multifunctional
Low running cost, low energy consumption, environmental protection, low carbon emission and green.
Low worker involvement, low manpower intensity.
Sizes: 400*400mm and 300*300mm
High fracture resistance, high abrasive resistance
Frame structure: all of the parts are precision finished by cast steel and other high quality steel, high compressive strength, high resistance to deformation and stable performance, firm and durable.
Guide post: adopt special steel and fine manufactured, by hard chromium plating and special processing, the surface has high sliding and abrasion resistance.

Molding Pressure 320T   
Molding Speed 4-6tile per minute
Main motor 7.5KW
Tile type 600*600mm, 500*500mm, 400*400mm, 300*300mm, 250*250mm 
Dimensions 3200*1500*2600mm

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