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High efficient of concrete roof tile machine

High efficient of concrete roof tile machine


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Turui high efficient of concrete roof tile machine adopting PLC automatic control, and full hydraulic pneumatic, producing speed can reach 8 pieces / minute, high finished production rate, optimal performance to price ratio.It is not only high density, strong intensity, and the nice dimension, and multi - purpose. By changing molds, it could produce master tile, ridge tiles, edge tile, drain - tiles, tapping etc.


1. Molding faster in speed and larger in output. It adopts PLC computer touch to control automatically, Man together with machine, the operation is more convenient and reliable. Entire hydraulic pressure air operating, the speed reaches 8 pcs/minute, it is high efficient in production and lower in costs.

2. It is molding and pressing by using concrete and sand, filtering in between. So it would be formed perfect structure, various types, precise sizes, high intensity and density. It can meet the demands of many kinds of is exquisite in the concrete products.

3. One machine can be used in several ways by changing the mould.After that it can produce various types main tile and necessary tile we showed in the website. Meanwhile it also can produce the upscale colored terrazzo brick and polish spurts the pill brick and laundering brick, etc.

Technical Specification:

Forming Pressure 120Ton
Power Capacity 18KW
Max. Forming Area 420x400mm
Forming Speed 7-8pcs/min
Net Weight 9.5(t)
Productivity 3000pcs/shift

Tile Mould:

Tile Sample:

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