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Price of Set of Equipments for Terrazzo Production Line

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Price of Set of Equipments for Terrazzo Production Line
The price of the terrazzo brick machine production line and the full set of equipment is a fluctuation range, which is directly related to the model of the machine and the requirements of customers. When buying machinery, one should choose based on one's own production capacity. The terrazzo brick machine production line consists of terrazzo brick press, brick mill, hoist, mixer, feeder and other equipment. Generally speaking, the price of the complete set of equipment for the production line of terrazzo brick machine is between 140,000 and 200,000 RMB.
A good terrazzo brick machine equipment should include the following three aspects:
One: systematic pre-sale services. According to the characteristics of machinery and equipment, reasonable planning suggestions for building a plant and total investment estimates for the civil engineering of auxiliary equipment are given; the profit of a single terrazzo is estimated from the analysis and testing of raw materials and the feasibility analysis report. In addition, it is about the details of the contract for ordering machinery.
Second: the level of sustainable innovation. Many companies making terrazzo brick machines do not have their own physical production lines or factories, and R & D is even more impossible to talk about. All work is focused on how to sell products to customers, and it will not proceed from the interests of customers.
Third: after-sales service. Some low-end manufacturers just produce no after-sales. Once the equipment is in a situation, they do not have the ability to solve the problem at all. Instead, they try all kinds of ways to push the three and block the four, which is extremely irresponsible. Buying equipment at Turui Machinery can be assured, we have complete after-sales service as a guarantee to solve all worries for customers.


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