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Raw Materials of Terrazzo Machines

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The raw materials of terrazzo are widely used, and there are many options for investors to choose. details as follows:
1. First of all, flammable, corrosive, chemical waste, toxic waste should not be used. Solid waste slag with a flash point lower than 60 degrees Celsius is a flammable waste slag, which is easily decomposed by chemical raw materials and produces harmful gases. Use is prohibited.
2. Fly ash, the SiO2 content of all levels of ash is required to be greater than 40%, the Al2O3 content is greater than 15%, the bulk density is 516_107kg / m3, and the particle density is 1800-2400kg / m3.
3. Cement should be selected from the products of regular manufacturers, and no overdue, agglomerated or unqualified conditions shall occur. Common portland cement above 32.5, portland cement (GB175-1999) and slag portland cement (GB1596-91) should be used. Generally, slag portland cement is used in summer production.
4. Gypsum, which requires calcium sulfate content greater than 65%, can also be replaced by phosphogypsum (solid waste from the phosphate fertilizer industry, where the P205 content is less than 3%).
5. For stones, such as pebbles, crushed stones, ores, etc., the grinding standard should reach the specified standard.
6. Sand, which is generally divided into coarse sand (Mx is 3.7-3.1), medium sand (Mx is 3.0-2.3), fine sand (Mx is 2.0-1.6) and extra fine sand (Mx is 1.5-0.7). Sand with a modulus Mx of 3.7-1.6 should be used, and its mud content should be less than 3%. River sand should be used.
7. Industrial waste, the ignition loss of each waste residue is not more than 20%, SO3≤2%, the sanding particle size of each waste residue is 0.3-1.3mm, and the fine powder content below 0.1mm can be used on behalf of the sand; The particle size of crushed stone is 3-15mm, and it can be used instead of crushed stone when the mud content is ≤3%. The weight loss of each waste residue after circulation is 13%.

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