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Terrazzo tile plant building and personnel

     Release time: 2017-04-01 14:39          

Terrazzo machine building construction, personnel configuration should note the following:
1, equipment operation 2-3 people, auxiliary staff 4-5 people.
2, the site area to be more than 3000 square meters.
3, terrazzo tile machine to be installed to a roofed factory of more than 80 square meters with a height more than 5meters.
4, need to have roofed shed to keep the tiles dry for the first 24 hours.
5, conditional construction of curing room, can improve the quality of brick curing time;
6, power: 380V, 30kw needed.
7, water supply: buy a pump, build a clean pool, build a sedimentation tank about 600 × 600 × 800mm, waste water into the production of waste water recycling; precipitation after the plaster can be used in the use of tile making.
8, raw material storage: cement, chemical raw materials are kept in dry places. Others can be stacked in the open air.
Above is the points to be noticed to build a tile factory, any questions, you cane email to us at: 

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